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XF 1.3 Is it possible to have a .htaccesss rule to root the forum from a subdirectory?

So basically, my forums are located in public_html/forums. On my website, this appears as mywebsite.com/forums. The problem is this displays as mywebsite.com/forums/forums/thread-one.1/

Is it possible to define a .htaccess rule to redirect traffic to the root of my website to the /forums/ directory, while not showing /forums/ twice?


XenForo developer
Staff member
You would probably do best moving your whole XF installation to the root then. (If you're wanting the root to be the forums folder, it doesn't sound like there's anything there.)
I have a couple of other things in the root of my website. I have a phpBB forum that's still being used a little (for a different purpose than XenForo) and a MediaWiki installation at the root. The MediaWiki also has custom .htaccess rules that have to go at the root of the website. That's why I wanted to know if I could use some sort of redirect logic for the /forums/forums issue.


XenForo developer
Staff member
If XF is in a forums/ directory and can't be moved, the only option you would have is to use route filters to change the (second) forums/ prefix.
Thanks for your input Mike. I ended up moving the MediaWiki installation to another subdomain and fully deprecating the phpBB3 installation.