Is it possible to have a category be it's own domain?

steven s

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I know you can select different styles per forum.
Is it possible to have one domain point to one category with forums?
Not necessarily point, but to make one category appear under it's own domain.
Could a rewrite accomplish this?

Say you have a forum named
I would want the url to be and only display public forums and it's forums below.

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
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Well. To make it a proper web root of a category is probably possible. I can think of some ways to approach this, but it requires custom code to do it properly.

The easier option is to simply setup a redirect for the domain name. But a redirect wouldn't preserve the domain in the URL as you navigate through the forums.

The idea of using a frame occurred to me, but then I remembered that having frames and frame sets not on the same domain causes cookie scoping problems.