Is it possible to display the access ranking in xenforo?


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Is it possible to display the access ranking on the top page of Xenforo?

Put other access ranking PHP scripts in the same folder and write the following in the header of Xenforo

<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">
document.write("<img src=\"http://xxxxxxx/access/simaccess/access.php?ref=" +
document.referrer + "\" style=\"width:0;height:0;border:0;\" />");
// -->

Added the following to the place to display the access ranking
<? php include ("http://xxxxxxx/access/simaccess/rank.html");?>


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Looking at the xenforo2 documentation and related threads, I found the following description.

Write using Advertising instead of writing directly in the template

With the above, I understand that javascript should be added to Advertising, but in order to display the ranking on the top page, it is necessary to include the [rank.html] file.

There is a description related to include in the document, but it is a relative path via the template, but there is no description with an absolute path.