Is it Possible to Allow Unregistered Users to Post?

We have a website with a decent amount of traffic 600,000 plus visitors a month. Niche news site with a forum.

One thing we have done from the beginning is allow unregistered users to post. We did it at first because it was easier to get posters. Now it is part of the site community. Some people will register and post but the ability to post under a different name is a key feature. Anonymity can have advantages.

With moderation we don't have too many problems. You have to answer a question to reply to an older thread and new posters must have a cookie set to post that a bot won't pick up just coming to the forums one time.

1) So with XenForo is this possible to allow unregistered people to post? Currently we use a custom script to ban people on the cookie level.

2) We also have ALL the threads go onto one main index page. We also have sub forums but is it possible on Xenforo to have all the posts on one page.

These features are both important to us. There are other things we'd like to implement but would like these to work out of the box.

Any input on load would be appreciated for a larger site as well. We run everything on one box and are worried about a new forum increasing our load. We now have a customized version of a board that doesn't exist anymore Cyboards Lite.


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Guests are allowed to post on my site and I've had very, very little spam. Which surprised me.
Same also when I allowed guest posting. It's as though the bots are designed to register and post, so they can add signature and profile links. They ignore the fact they can freely post as a guest. Funny, but your right! Found the same thing, next to no spam but did use Q/A