XF 2.2 Is it possible to access and change message after $replier->setMessage


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I am looking at modifying the API post replier, I need to access the message after it has been though $replier->setMessage as part of that I need to access the message before it is saved to extract a part of it. I can do that if I access it inside setupThreadReply() however I need to access it inside actionPost()

What happens is that my addon sends a message from one site to another in the API. In doing that it sends a somewhat coded message with various parts that I need to extract out to use, one of those is I am sending the originating post ID inside the message as {12345} I need to access this and remove it from the message prior to save (so its not gone from the post) and then use that variable again later to after the save to record the post ID and original post ID in a table.

Long and short of it is that I need to access the message and modify it before it is saved but after it has been sent through $replier->setMessage