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Is it normal that the Xenforo announcements on my site remain persistent?

I am talking about the announcement that appears on the top of the website, where your admin bar usually is.

If you look at the attachment you see that there's a news announcement how the site updated to Xenforo software, but it dates back from 11/23?

Does anyone else have it too on their sites? (and can I disable it, or modify it for my own announcements? :D)



Well-known member
That's not a default feature... Or at least I've never seen it before. Look into the templates, especially "moderator_bar".

Past that, what add-ons do you have installed?

Edit: It also looks like that's an add-on with the user bar, since XenForo doesn't come default with that. So its definitely related to an add-on.


Formerly CyclingTribe
It's part of the Flexile theme and can be removed in the style settings - sorry, can't remember exactly where, but I had the same issue when I used the style on GeeksChat. (y)