Is CronLink gone?


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The PAGE_CONTAINER template used to contain:
<xen:if is="{$cronLink}"><img src="{$cronLink}" width="1" height="1" alt="" style="display: none" /></xen:if>
It appears this is now gone. How are cron jobs handled now?

Chris D

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Cron jobs are handled by the new Deferred system.
New general-purpose system for long running processes
1.2 adds a new "deferred" system for running any code that can be broken up into pieces and may take a long time (multiple seconds or more) to run. Deferred tasks can be triggered automatically by the code as necessary and they will either be run automatically in the background (by page views) or by displaying the current running state to the administrator (in the case of some cache rebuilds). This effectively unifies the cache rebuild systems with cron and other potentially long running processes (such as the bulk user change system discussed in the past).