IPB-like visual style editor


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I've been looking around at the different forum packages, and I wondered... is there anything like the Visual Style Editor that IPB has?

Basically it gives you the main look of the forum and easily lets you pick areas to colour, then shows you the changes live, as it were, so you can see the changes as you go along and it's all point and click, even down to the colour selector.

Is there anything like this for XenForo? I'm no designer, but it'd make it easier to design skins that even a design-noob like me (I'm a coder not a designer) could work.

Thanks :)


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There's not if I read your post correctly. The only way to do this as far as i know is using a code inspector (which I'm sure you know already) and making changes to specific elements to get that live preview so to speak but nothing I have noticed in xenforo admincp.