General Webmaster/Style Editor

Evening from the UK.

I own a Sports Forum based on the 'Absolute Theme'. A friend of mine has been completing all the back door/design/cPanel work on my website ever since I came up with the idea well over a year ago. All of a sudden he no longer has time to do any of the above and has left me and my distinct lack of knowledge in the lurch.

I'm looking for the following -

1) Someone to install and configure a couple of plugins I have purchased.

2) Someone to help configure a portal to the correct design layout.

Thereafter, providing everything goes well I'm looking for someone to tweak a theme and just be a general 'edit' help. For example...I see a tab and wanting it changing shape, position or colour...they would ask what I wanted and then put it into action...something along those lines!

Upon recommendation I've already messages @Russ and was tempted to mail @Sheldon... but if anybody else can help me then that would be great!