IPB.Downloads and Xenforo RM question


I have a very large website that only uses the IP.Downloads plugin from Invision Power Board. This website strictly serves downloads. Currently it has over 9000 files. Is there a converter or a quick way to import files in certain categories? Or do i have to do this manually?

I watched several demo's for Xenforo Recource Manager and I couldn't find out if there is an option available to show all categories and subcategories by default? As far as i've seen you need to enter a category to view the sub categories?

Chris D

XenForo developer
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I'm not aware of any way to migrate from IP.Downloads.

You may have to do it manually or write an importer yourself. A third party importer was released in our Resource Manager to migrate DownloadsII to the RM:

It may be something you could use as a basis to achieve something similar.

I'm not aware of any add-ons available here which will expend RM categories by default. It has, however, been suggested so it may be considered in the future:



Thanks for your quick answer. For both options is a negative then for now. I'm technically not skilled enough to make a perfect working converter from ip.downloads to xenforo resource manager so it seems that I have to do all by hand.

About the categories expending by default.. this might be something that I can modify in code / template.