IPB 3.2 to Xenforo - I need confirmation


I am just about to purchase xenforo license but I just need confirmation about converting from IPB to Xenforo .

Is there an official converter from IPB 3.2 to Xenforo ? If yes , is there any documentation ? I really do not want to risk anything my board has 350.000 posts and 9.000 members.
Sorry but one more question , will i be first installing the xenforo and then import the database from admin panel ? or will it ask me to import data through installation ?
I cannot complete purhcase , keeps giving me error message when trying to login as a customer ' I registered twice but not working.
XenForo - Error
No customer could be found with that email address.


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I can only assume you aren't logging in with the email address you have registered with.

Bear in mind the customer account section is separate from the forum.