XF 1.4 IP Addresses / Hostnames?


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Curious where in the database user IPs/hostnames are stored. Apparently the Shared IP tool is only good for 2 weeks or something, and even that really isn't working for me so well. I need to be able to compare them longer than that.


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And how exactly is it being stored? I've searched the database up and down for IPs and hostnames, and there are absolutely no results showing up.


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It's less of a matter of where, but as what. IP log should be under xf_ip but they aren't stored as readable IP addresses. There is a post somewhere but I am pretty sure anyone who has ever written related plugin can explain it as well. I believe the date to which IP's are kept is adjustable but the shared tool is probably hardcoded.

Never seen or looked for the hostnames. Perhaps its a live lookup? I know at least with the plugins I have installed the hostnames are recorded on registration and in the spam trigger log, but as far as if any of that is stock... eeek lol.


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The shared IP link on the front end only goes back a couple of weeks.

You're better off using the [IP Addresses] tab on the user page in the ACP.

The IP lookup services are configured in Options -> External Service Providers


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Thanks guys!!

You're better off using the [IP Addresses] tab on the user page in the ACP.
That should work. Sometimes they create accounts and don't post content, which I believe that tool only covers posts and not Registration IP, but that's okay. At least I can get them when they post. :)

Thanks again.