Invision ipb4 conversion questions

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1.) If one would want to convert from the newest Invision Forum 4.x to Xenforo 2.x is there a good working convertor for this? Without issues?
It's present I've seen, but working oke for newest versions?
So instead of this question maybe, does Xen have something like Pages and Blocks and will these be converted too?

2.) As a second question I'm wondering about Downloads. IPB has a Downloads extension. Would this be converted some how?
Or if the Xenforo Resources extension was bought, would it be converted into that or does one has to build this from scratch?

3.) Will custom smilies also be imported into Xen on conversion? I still use some older vB smilies which are present in a seperate smilie set at the moment.

4.) I presume the editor in Xenforo still supports bbcodes if typed in manually. Lets test this so I've got my answer right away. :)
yes works.

5.) Is it possible to disable profile view for guest fully? I've seen a Xenforo forum which has profile viewing disabled for guests, however on mouseover guest can still see profile info like location and last login.
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OMG... Anti spam is not very good. I would have expected that Xenforo would at least have good default anti spam options.
But it is not even possible to enable a combination of captcha and custom Q&A as far as I can see in the demo. Why not?
I agree with your sentiment, but I've been fairing quite well without it. If Q&A was available side by side with another Captcha, I would absolutely use it, I would buy the addon if available.

I'm using ReCaptcha v3 with StopForumSpam, and spam registrations aren't getting through.

There's this addon available which could help if your board's more prone to them:

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Yep, I'm using that on a phpBB forum I administer too. Q&A in combination with Stopforumspam also works very well.
I know about the addonn for Xenforo, a friend of mine is using it.

I'm just wondering since IPB now is running 4.5.x if the converter also can convert from 4.5.x. I'm still running 4.4.x since I'm really thinking of switching to Xenforo since IPB found bbcode deprecated and will not support bbcode parsing in the near future anymore.
For new 4.5 installations it's already not present anymore. Only for upgrades :(