Duplicate Invisible Select Options In The Dark Overlay Form


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Option values in the select menu are not visible in dark overlay form except category names (disabled) and hover over state. Element inspection reveals that the foreground and background colors are very similar. This is not that case if the same form is opened in a separate tab. :)



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Is this a default style?
Which browser and OS?

I don't see that issue here or on my own installations.


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Following CSS is causing text color:
.xenOverlay .formOverlay .textCtrl {
  color: #f0f7fc;
But background color is not defined in XenForo hence it is inheriting it from the user-agent style. In Google Chrome user agent stylesheet, the background is coming from this rule.
select:not([size]):not([multiple]) option, select[size="0"] option, select[size="1"] option {
  background-color: rgb(247, 247, 247);
This works fine in Firefox.