Not a bug Invisible albums due to an incomplete bugfix


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This bug was fixed but I still were experiencing problems so I asked Chris and he said:

It has been properly fixed, but the fix isn't retroactive. If the permissions broke before the upgrade then the permissions would need to be reapplied before being able to view the album again.

So those albums affected by the bug are still invisible and require manual action. Imho this is unacceptable and I consider that the original bug report must be tagged as "Partial-Fix" instead of "Fixed".

Chris could you please properly fix the bug? i.e. write code to find those albums affected by the bug (it looks possible) and then automatically perform your own suggestion:

I would recommend setting them to "Owner only". That should allow the person to see the album, from there he can choose whatever privacy settings he wants.
And for further partial fixes like this, please make it clear in the bug thread that the bug fix isn't retroactive.

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Chris D

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The bug wasn't partially fixed. It was fixed completely.

I did offer you some information that may have led to us being able to sort out any residual problems caused by the original bug, but you chose to ignore that, for some reason.

If you have a support query you can post it in the Support forum or open a ticket.