Invalid xml file

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I get error when I try to install any plug behind the Jaxel XenPortal have uninstalled. All xml file (phrases, language, addons, styles,...) fails and get "Xml invalid file. Provide a valid XML file".
I tried disabling all add-ons to no avail.

How to fix this?



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I could not. Invalid xml file. I see nothing strange in the file for that error.
Now I could install version 1.4.4 of XenPorta.

Thank you.

Jake Bunce

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I just downloaded version 1.4.4 of XenPorta and installed it without any problems. So we know the XML is valid.

Visit this page in your Admin CP:


1) Make sure you are running PHP 5.2.4 or higher (listed at the very top).

2) Make sure your PHP configuration has libxml installed. You should see a section like this:

Screen shot 2011-09-29 at 1.47.59 PM.png

Also, what version of libxml is it?

3) Make sure the Configure Command (near the top) doesn't contain this:

For reference:

The requirements script also checks these things:

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Thanks, Jake. It's not the problem. Install all without problems, but XenPorta 1.5.0 beta. Behind XenPorta uninstall 1.4.4 is when I have this problem.
After a whileI have been able to reinstall XenPorta 1.4.4 without any problem.