Not a bug invalid html in forum description breaks forum listing

steven s

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I don't know if this is considered a bug since it's due to user error, but...
if you insert an invalid html tag in the forum description, it breaks the forum list.
I think the same if you create a forum link with invalid html.
Took me a while to figure out what I did wrong. :cry:

Note the missing " in the description.



You can enter Any html, including <script> <iframe> and other things like malicious code.
But yeah, also if you don't close your tags, it can break design.

<div style="display:none">

without closing it, should probably give an interesting outcome.

steven s

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Yep. Same thing I was describing.
Although I wonder if there should be something that checks for proper syntax like when you edit a template?

/closed or merge please.