Hello Everyone!

Looked around for a place for new member introductions and didnt find one, apologies if I simply missed it. From the content, this seemed like the logical sub-forum for this thread. Hope I am correct, if not perhaps a mod could move or merge, thanks!

Am the current owner of a forum utilizing vB4.x, of which has been in existence for just short of a year now. Being relatively new to administering a forum, I had nothing to evaluate the experience against. The learning curve was steep, by my standards anyway. Due to certain circumstances the inception of the forum hit the ground running and we have not looked back. In general, it has been a very good thing for all parties involved, from the administrative staff and registered membership, to the subsequent venture we are now embarking upon. All of which brings me here, to your world. :)

I am not here to bash, nor say anything negative about other platforms out there. Suffice it to say, through my research, I am quite satisfied with what I have seen with XenForo and the, IMO, tremendous upside they have . Enough so to have led me to have purchased the software for this new venture that we hope to be launching by the end of October.

Am looking forward to the experience that is XenForo and all that it has to offer. The communities that have/are sprung/springing up around the platform in support of it is very encouraging and help with making the decision to join the ranks very easy.

Kier, Mike and Ashley...... Thank you!
Can I offer you some Good Pie and Strong Coffee?