Introducing Myself, and We Need Some Help!

Hi everyone!

I wasn't sure where I should post this, so I figured that this would be the best place to do so. I'm the Korean Cowboy, and I run this forum:


As you can see, it still runs on vBulletin for now...which leads me to my next question:

Is there anyone out there that could help us with the migration from vB to XF?

What we're wanting to do is not only this, but add some other major things as well. If you know something that can, or if you can do it yourself, feel free to respond to this, or hit me up via PM.

Looking forward to using XF for this forum, and other projects to come...;)

Ernest L. Defoe

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@Jake Bunce is the master when it comes to conversions.

As far as anything else there are a ton of awesome addon developers out there like @Chris Deeming and others. (Sorry guys can't remember everyone)

Maybe if you listed what the other things were others could speak up as to who to talk to.
No problem mate! Sorry, I forgot the link in my haste:


Here's a list of the things that we're looking to do:

1) Home Page - set it up as a directory to point the user to other sections within the forum, such as the Forums, Blogs, Marketplace, etc.

2) Marketplace - since it is a watch forum, we want a place where our forum members can go and buy watches from other members safely and securely. It'll move from the forums, to a whole other section within the forum.

3) Blog - I'll personally be overseeing this (in addition to overseeing the forum in general, although I do have a boss)...I envision this to be more dynamic.

In addition, we have a site that just went live called Rate a Watch, which allows TKF members and non-members to upload and rate watches. We have a few other projects coming up, so ultimately, we would want to integrate all of those, as well as the usual social media sites, into TKF.

Adam Howard

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Looks like Miner's style here will be a perfect match for your existing style too :D

I would not suggest the style at this time.

The developer has a lot of bugs which need fixing. Having gotten a hold of that recently (for someone else's site), it wasn't compatible for many add-ons, and even when it was fixed, it wasn't compatible for many devices.
No worries mates, I have someone that will re-code it to XF. We're really looking forward to using XF, and not having to use vB's CPanel anymore (myself in particular)!


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If you use vBulletin's thread tags, you will need to have the XenTag addon installed before you do the import; otherwise the tags will be lost.


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@Korean Cowboy you could look at Simple Portal and xenporta for your homepage.
Or custom design an XF Page which does do php callbacks as well as html and you can v soon make any page your homepage (can be done now but XF 1.2 will do this better).
Simple Portal is simple and sleek, pulls content from selected forums or resources. The dev is very friendly and would I think help you with custom additions. Xenporta is long established with many complex and useful functions.
Check the Resources Manager - link on top navbar

Marketplace - Micromart is the best developed. There's Showplace (think thats right). Or the Resource Manager itself can be adapted.
Blog there's about three blog addons I think. Or again you could do a blog using the Resource Manager which does comments and a linked thread. This would be one less 'different' section structure - just make an RM category your blog - and if you put your market there it pulls to that.
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