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Hi everyone,

I am actually using Xenforo to build a high quality community, social network and marketplace that will hopefully help to connect the on- and offline life better. In essence, Introday let's you instantly find a mentor, a wingman, a teacher, a fellow to try out fun new things, hobbies, events or activities you would have not if been alone.
It is my little take on making the world more fun. If you or your friends live in the US you are elibigle to register!

Community: (Currently registration is not enabled)
Introduction Page :
Facebook: (Please leave a like thanks ^^)

I am grateful for any comments or feedback, I am using a style from Pixelexit. A lot of work still remains to be done.

Plus if you are interested in helping out, making this thing big, just shoot me a PN or have a look at Looking for passionate and/or experienced community managers, administrators, moderators etc.!

Have a beautiful day!

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Mike Edge

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I found this a bit confusing.. Your looking to start up your own social network. But relying on members to an an account on other social networks to register?

Logging into the Introday community is only possible via Facebook and LinkedIn. Your Introday profile has to be connected to a real and full name Facebook and/or LinkedIn profile at all times.


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Very neat.

As you probably know, the kicker with any such site is getting to critical mass. Without some major luck, $$, PR or Providence, it's very difficult to get millions of visits - and that's what you need to make this work.
Hello all,

thank you very much for your feedback!(y)

@Ingenious: Thank you!

@Mike Edge : You are right my explanation may have been confusing, it is actually more an addition to existing social networks. What you may have noticed, Facebook is used on many sites as kind of an authentication, almost like a "passport", that you are a real person and so on, it does not necessarily contradict, look at Airbnb for example,
P.S.: I posted also in your "Facebook Only Login" thread some while ago :LOL:, the thread is kind of dead though :cry:

@craigiri: yes you are absolutely right it is the critical mass :cry:, working hard on the SEO and social media marketing. let's see, there must be some ways ^^ , though I think 10.000 people is enough (per city), this number still is wish thinking, I know,

Hey BTW your drone blog is nice! Definitely a nice hobby I would like to try in the future.
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