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Interview with XenForo's Peggy Gurney - must read!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jethro, Oct 16, 2010.

  1. Jethro

    Jethro Well-Known Member

  2. Lawrence

    Lawrence Well-Known Member

    Very good questions, Jethro, and great answers, Peggy. I didn't expect anything less from you, :)
    Peggy likes this.
  3. Peggy

    Peggy Well-Known Member

    Thanks sweetheart. This is my first-ever interview, and I was both nervous and excited, but Jethro made it easy for me.

    I'm so glad it's done! :)
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  4. dutchbb

    dutchbb Well-Known Member

    Nice interview, good to read more about the moderators too, thanks for taking the time for it Jethro & Peggy.
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  5. Kim

    Kim Well-Known Member

    Wonderful Interview Peggy and Jeff!

    Thanks for sharing your time and thoughts Peggy :D

    Loved this quote...

    "I do like the direction that forums are taking. They are, without a doubt, becoming more “social”. Whether using facebook-like features, or twitter-like features, or a combo of both, I feel that this is a good thing. People are social beings. They like to interact, gossip, share, find other people who share their interests and hobbies, talk about their kids, and exes, lol, etc. In today’s busy world, where everyone seems to be in such a hurry, who has time anymore ?? This is where the wonderful internet comes in. Grab a cup of coffee (you knew I’d get that in there somewhere), turn on the computer, browse to your favorite site, and jump into a conversation about the state of affairs in Zimbabwe, or about changing diapers, or about the beautiful fall-colored leaves you’re looking at outside your window. Where else can you do that? Sure it’s not the same as being with people physically, but you’re still connecting, and that is what’s important."

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  6. Shelley

    Shelley Well-Known Member

    Excellent interview Peggy and Jeff. Really good read. :)
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  7. Peggy

    Peggy Well-Known Member

    Thank you everyone!
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  8. DaKat

    DaKat Well-Known Member

    Great job, Peggy!
  9. Peggy

    Peggy Well-Known Member

    Thank you!
  10. T3G Silas

    T3G Silas Active Member

    Very nice interview Peggy!
    Even though I don't know you, after reading this interview I definitely have a sense of how caring you are and such a great person.
    Good luck to you and your son. :)
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  11. Peggy

    Peggy Well-Known Member

    Thank you sweetie.
  12. boatswife

    boatswife Active Member

    I've seen you around the internet and used your skins for many years. I always thought you were a very special lady!

    Great interview!
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  13. Elizabeth

    Elizabeth Well-Known Member

    Great interview, loved reading it. Thanks to both of you. (btw, Jeff, minor mistake at the bottom: http://http://xenforo.com)
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  14. ArnyVee

    ArnyVee Well-Known Member

    Nice little interview :)
  15. copiertalk

    copiertalk Member

    You designed sites for a time for another platform and were pretty good at it.

    What other hobbies do you enjoy around being creative. Sewing ? drawing?

    Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night with an idea and forget to write it down only to remember you had a great idea but have no idea what it was?
  16. Peggy

    Peggy Well-Known Member

    Thanks. I designed for your site, didn't I?

    The hobbies I enjoy the most are collecting scented candles and windchimes. My poor neighbors love me on a breezy day (not). I can't draw - at all. I couldn't draw a stick figure with a ruler, and that's no exaggeration. Thank God my son doesn't get that from me. He's pretty darn good with art.

    :eek: How'd you know? Have you been in my head?!?! :eek:
  17. Peggy

    Peggy Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much, you're very kind.

    Thanks y'all :)
  18. copiertalk

    copiertalk Member

    I do not have a creative bone in my body. Give me two chunks of metal and I can make it print on paper but someone else has to tell it what to print. You did alot of work for us in the past with great results. I only wish the previous software vendor had kept up with us.

    I do alot of work for high end print shops and they call and tell me the colors are off on their machines. It looks pink to me?

    strange minds think that way. I have no idea why. I threw a pen and pad on my nightstand now.
  19. Peggy

    Peggy Well-Known Member

    I guess I'll have to do the same.
  20. Jethro

    Jethro Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the pick up :) *Runs off to fix*

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