Interview with Chris D!

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We've just published our latest Interview with Chris D - XenForo Developer on TAZ!
It's been said that XF 2.0 is meant to have "feature parity" with the current 1.5.X line - is that an absolute or might we end up seeing some additions and/or subtractions to the featureset with 2.0?

I think there's been a slight misconception that stems from the following sentence: "Our first and foremost goal is to reach rough feature parity". This doesn't mean to say that's all we're doing; this was just the current target at the time. There are certainly some additions that we've already added, and likely more to be added by the time we're finished. There's one or two casualties, too, but by no means are they significant. I suppose as a specific example, we've removed the "Test Permissions" feature because people often misunderstood how it was supposed to work, and it was later superseded by the "Analyze Permissions" feature which is basically much clearer, and easier to use. We'll certainly be adding more than we're taking away. A few examples which you're probably already aware of are a navigation manager and a payment framework for purchasable items.
Check it out! (y)


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Because TAZ isn't a homepage tab since I'm not on there, give or take, 24/7. ;)

Also, to be technical, 25 minutes before I closed the tab, but I didn't notice the thread.

Chris D

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Ha not the first time I've been asked that based on that photo.

It's a completely bare, magnolia painted wall. I think it's a reflection from the light shade which has both glass/plastic and metal parts so I think it's just casting weird shadows.


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Very good interview covering a variety of topics! It might even settle some of the XF2 fanatics on here barking for information every couple of hours! Nice to see the personal aspects and the way they manage their work too instead of an interview basically asking "show me XF2" in many different ways :)


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You should not have left the pc open to a view of xf 2.0. Now the secret is out :D

Very nice interview. You have a lovely family and a great job. You are a very lucky man Mr D. :)


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I'm glad you guys liked the interview, and I hope Chris had as much fun with it as I did. FWIW, I tried my best to coax a screenshot of XF 2 from him but he wasn't having any of it.
Just out of curiosity how do you conduct your interviews? Do you send a bunch of questions to answer or is it more informal via a Skype/IM chat?