Internet Explorer 10 --- Preview 2

Adam Howard

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Firefox and Internet explorer seem to be releasing new versions all the time lately.
Everyone is.

Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Google Chrome are on "fast path" release.

What's "fast path"?

Typically a new version means new feature, new improvements, and patch fixes. A fast path release means a new version for every improvement, path, and feature.

This is why Google Chrome is on version 13 and 14 beta.

Adam Howard

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For those of you who feel you "must" try IE10 simply for website compatibility and such....
But yet hate the browser it's self (as I do).

I like to use this as my Internet Explorer Icon


Anthony Parsons

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Geez.... I remember a Windows install only just updating to 9 not long ago. IE is like vBulletin... constantly in beta and never really works as promised.


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So what are the first impressions? i have no intention of downloading it just to see if i like it esp since its a IE Beta.. Haha bad enough to test beta products its another story altogether to test/try something IE calls Beta. :D