Interested in switching...


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I've been using IPB for about ten years, and when the time is right I will consider switching to another system. They have a lot of feature, but they are often so badly implemented they are unusable, and their user interface design is pretty bad. Their development seems to be driven by feature requests, and I'm not sure what their focus is, as it seems to go in really weird directions. I used to use all their applications, and I've been steadily eliminating functionality as each system becomes apparently designed for someone who isn't like me.

The thing I really can't live without is the commerce options:
  • Shop for selling products
  • Ability to log into account and verify ownership of purchased software with C++ via Curl.
  • Marketplace of third-party downloads with revenue splits.
Being able to host files on Amazon S3 is also important, as it massively reduces the size of my website backups and saves me a lot of money on web hosting costs.

Can you tell me which of these feature does XF have or is planned to add soon?