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Lack of Interest Integration with moodle or self LMS

Discussion in 'Closed Suggestions' started by Ferdinand, Apr 24, 2014.

  1. Ferdinand

    Ferdinand Active Member

    I believe Xenforo is capable of integrating with other software one that I would like to see is moodle?Perhaps a login using moodle so members can login when they have a moodle account.

    XenForo has great social functions/functionality but I cannot use pages to create anything 1/2 as good as moodle. I would like to see more features added to pages so the site can have advanced things like sliders.

    I also found I wasn't able to use the "xen if" condition on a page, so I had to use the help/faq section.

    From a business perspective integration with moodle would open it to UK universities who I know from experience are desperate for students to communicate more through their online networks but don't because of the design of the software. XF could be used for learning in the future.
  2. Martok

    Martok Well-Known Member

    Why would Moodle users want to integrate Xenforo? Moodle already has various types of forums built-in as well as various other activities such as chat, wikis, glossaries, MSN-style messaging and a host more which suit the needs of universities and schools (yes, it's used by pupils from 5 - 18 too). Although Xenforo is superior forum software, I can't really see the benefit to these groups for integration.
  3. Dan Hawkins

    Dan Hawkins Active Member

    Because they aren't very appealing forums. In comparison to XF - they are rubbbish (IMO)

    But Moodle provides a great stepping stone for learning portals etc

    So I CAN see the point in this request.
  4. Robyn Logan

    Robyn Logan Member

    I agree Fan. I run an online training school and have trialed just about every LMS there is. The forums are almost always rubbish. And the LMS' are overly complicated. Xenforo has great potential as an LMS. I am playing around with using the Resources section to hold our modules and then with a groups add on and nodes as tabs add on we are just about set.

    My last stumbling block is payment gateway or membership management (we are currently using Wishlist Member)

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