XF 2.2 Integrating WordPress with Xenforo?



I am wanting to use WordPress with Xenforo. I realistically only need two pages that are WordPress based. The forum will sustain 95% of traffic. I found this thread referencing Xpress - https://xenforo.com/community/resou...XpPW4Dh4Okr8jgctpnu02Yc_cQw0tY3lRp-39ClmRh9ag.

My main concern is if the platform will be too difficult to manage. I have found Xenforo is easy to use. I have used Wordpress a thousand times but don't want to have to use two systems to manage one website. I also am concerned about wiping what I already have in Xenforo.

Is there a better platform? All I really want is a homepage to have functionality like this and then I can use Xenforo for the rest.

If you are trying to link threads to blog posts or sync user accounts across WP and XF I recommend you take a look at my plug-in:

This integration blends into any WordPress themes you are familiar with so there will be far less technical overhead on your end.

I’m on mobile so I can’t see the full website you’ve linked to but it is probably possible if you customize XF articles with some custom design work, or use the same template as this sites “have you seen...?” forum.
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