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I have my hosting ready and it comes with C Panel with File Manager. The File Manager only allows you to install one item at a time, but I have heard that FTP gives a way around that? Anybody able to advise or suggest anything to spead up the process? I don't really want to spend the next X amount of hours installing and creating every file individually o_O


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Thanks for the link. I found a different way round the problem (upload a zip file, then extracted). Which worked perfectly. I've now run into a different issue.

In the installation-upgrade guide that comes with the XF download, it says after uploading the "upload" folder, to go to the install folder via your internet browser so it will prompt the installation. This is my route to it:

But when I put that in, I get a 404 instead. Any ideas what might have happened and how to fix it?

(PS, if needed: once XF is installed and our database has been grabbed, converted and installed, the url for the XF forum will change to - it's just the forum we currently use is still using that for the moment.)

Also, we may be about to have issues with internal links within posts once we have installed the directory. This is what Ashkir said about the converting process for our database at how it will probably convert once he's started:

The bot will probably convert this way:
Zetaboards -> PHPBB2
PHPBB3 -> XenForo

There is a link fix thread on here somewhere, but it doesn't handle ZB - anyone know a way to fix this issue once we're past our installation issue (and any other issues before then)?


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In which folder did you put the "upload" folder's files?
So the forum shows up, I had to put it in the public_html folder, but within that I put it in xfdirectory.

I've tried all these with no success:
There were other ones but I've forgotten them XD
I've checked the permissions for the install.css file (I'm assuming that's the actual script that installs XF onto the hosting server. Not sure if this is the cause, but it says:

Read: User (yes), group (yes), world (yes)
Write: User (yes), group (no), world (no)
Execute: User (no), group (no), world (no)

Jake Bunce

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This is just a matter of knowing the URL that corresponds to the location where you uploaded the files. Normally it's not hard to figure out. For example. If these two correspond:


Then these would correspond:



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That is a subdomain. Make sure that subdomain is rooted to public_html/xfdirectory/. By default it is probably rooted to public_html/xf/. Or I would normally expect this to work:

But it doesn't appear to be working.
How would I check where the sub-domain is rooted? My hosting server is Bigwetfish and the domain is with Godaddy. I've got the host pointing the server's IP to the sub-domain.

I don't really want to move the full domain over yet, but if I did so, would that perhaps solve the problem?

Jake Bunce

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You said you are using CPanel? CPanel has a section for subdomains. That is where you would check this.

If the problem persists then I can take a look if you give me your CPanel URL and login.


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Forgot to ask and should probably know this before I do the next step: how do I check/ensure that the data and internal_data directories are writeable to the server?


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Thanks for your help, Jake :)

Another question for you wonderful people!

I've set up the MySQL stuff it asks for, but don't know the server and port. It says on the installation to leave it as it is if you don't know. Will leaving it as is affect anything? Is it possible to update it if I get the information later?

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The server is usually localhost. And the port is usually 3306. You can confirm the information in CPanel or by asking your host. The install will not be able to proceed if the MySQL info is wrong.


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I read somewhere that I should do a blank 'database' back-up. I do this now via my C Panel?

After I have done that, is it ok to touch:

  • Enable Full Friendly URLs
  • Facebook & Twitter Integration
  • Thread Discussions & Conversations
  • Upload/replace smilies
  • install add-ons/mods
  • add and edit trophies
  • import skins and add templates
Before my database is converted and imported?

Jake Bunce

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You can do your custom development before the import. But yes, you should backup before the import in case something goes wrong and you need to revert.


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I have used, Dreamweaver, Smart FTP, and FileZilla as FTP uploaders and I have to be honest, DreamWeaver was the worst of them and Smart FTP and FileZilla are pretty much the same. I'd say, use FileZilla for 2 reasons.

1. It's FREE
2. You said you used CPanel right? After you create an FTP account you can click on the Configure FTP Client link and it'll give you three options. FileZilla is one of them. This makes it extremely easy and dare I say... fool proof.
3. Did I mention it was free?

Note: I only read the first post and hit reply. I don't care about everyone in between didn't read everything in between so I apologize if this was pointed out already.