Installing XenForo on two subdomains?

We would like to split our forums in half with two installations of forum software, each on a separate subdomain of our site. and, for example.

Will we need to purchase two licenses of XenForo for this or can we use one, since both installations are on the same domain?

Thank you.
Are the 2 subdomains different sites? If so, 2 different sites will need 2 different licenses. I have multiple sites on subdomains and have a license for each. If not, what is the use case to have 2 subdomains point to the same site?

This addon can use 1 installation but different domains. Due to it still only being one installation, not sure if you would still need multiple licenses for that. Never used it.

@Brogan might be able to answer that.
It requires one license per site, as detailed in the add-on description.

Important: Please make sure you read the XenForo License Agreement and any other add-on license agreements carefully and ensure you have the appropriate number of licenses to use this add-on. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact XenForo or the respective add-on developer.
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