XF 1.5 Installing from a backup and encountering an issue.

Recently swapped from a shared hosting to a VPS and have everything set up most (just waiting on the DNS settings to finish updating world wide), but when someone tries to go to the site, they get this page. All the files were uploaded correctly and the database has been linked via the config file. It was working fine when I backed up the files. I've followed all of the steps in the install just to double check and made sure that the data and internal data folders were CHMOD to 777. Tried rebooting as well after uploading and making sure everything was in place. Any idea what's causing it or how to fix it?
*facepalm and head desk* That would most likely cause it... I completely forgot VPS is pretty much bare bones. We'll work on getting everything installed that's needed and then go from there.


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Additionally, maybe the vps would give you some caching options that aren't on the vps, check your config.php and keep it as bare as possible. (check with config.php.default).

VPS, cool update! You might have a hump to get over, but you will love the upgrade.
VPS, cool update! You might have a hump to get over, but you will love the upgrade.
Yeah, the previous server host that we were using was... I won't say they were bad per say, but the dedicated server option was quite pricey. I've had my friend helping me through getting things set up, seeing as I know jack all about Linux, but even still, parts of it are pretty fresh territory even for him. I'm absolutely loving it so far though. We're practically building the server from the ground up. It'll be difficult, but there shouldn't be anywhere for bugs to hide server side.