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Installing addons to the Demo version

Hi folks,

I'm researching forum software for my roller derby league, and xenForo looks pretty good! We need a wiki feature, however, and I would like to test the xenCarta addon from the point of view of permissions etc, but can't seem to install it on my demo version.

Is there any way this can be done?

Thanks! :)

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
Sadly, the demo version doesn't allow you to use add-ons.

Is there anything specific you need to know regarding its permissions etc?

Lots of people here use it so I'm sure the questions could get answered.

Also, if you're more familiar with something like MediaWiki then a MediaWiki -> XenForo bridge is available as a free add-on.
Hi Chris (and everybody!)

We're looking for a wiki which allows for different levels of access based on user groups. So for example, we'd like to have a forum AND a wiki which is only available to a particular usergroup. Does anyone know if xenCarta can do this? I'm not that keen on mediaWiki, because of the lack of native wysiwyg editor (my users aren't that tech savvy!)

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
Ok, sounds XenCarta should be ok for you.

Here's the usergroup permissions relating to XenCarta:

So you can stop certain usergroups from reading and / or editing content etc.
Thanks Chris - but can I do it on a wiki section-by-section basis? For example, my roller derby league's forum currently has a public area which is open to the public, which would contain a whole load of info about how our league works from the new-skater's perspective, info they need on buying skates & protective gear, how to sign up, what to expect etc. However, there's also a load of different committees, all of whom need to maintain a level of separation from each other and the rest of the league - for example, the Fundraising committee will want to discuss and/or post information about a fundraising grant opportunity that they don't want the rest of the league to know about (don't want to get people's hopes up etc). Can the Fundraising committee have their own wiki area which only people with in the Fundraising Committee group can see?

Thanks so much! :)

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
Hmm, sadly not.

I've just installed it on my local test board and you can't seem to do granular permissions on the pages and sections of the wiki.

Obviously you can do what you've described with forums, but with that particular Wiki add-on, sadly not. And I don't believe there's alternatives... other than the mediawiki bridge.
Thanks so much for looking into that for me, Chris! So can mediawiki do that level of granularity? and does it share the same usergroups with xenforo?