XF 1.3 Installing Ad-ons & Xampp problem


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Hello. I am having a problem i'm not quite sure what the problem is.

I have a test forum on my computer (localhost) But everytime i try to install a mod. I try to install it and it seems to be installing but after 20 seconds Xampp says ""Apache Http has stopped working"

So i have to restart it and when i go see the add-on it says it installed but the ad-on is no where to be found. It seems like it started to install but didn't finish.

Same things happens when i try to uninstall an add-on.

Is there a setting somewhere in my xampp?

My live forums works fine.
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Jake Bunce

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Like the web server crashes? Or the request times out? Either way we are looking at the web server. A timeout would be a setting you can increase on the server. A crash... well, ideally find a log file with more information.


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Xenforo doesnt crash. Just the Apache Server crashes everytime i upload an add-on. So i cant complete the install. It wasnt doing this before i re-formatted my computer.

I will try to re-install Xampp.