Installing A Second Network Adapter On Debian


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I need your help. I have to re-configure my network a little bit and that makes it necessary to add a second LAN adapter into my NAS which is basically an Intel Atom PC running Debian Squeeze.

I know from former Debian installs on my desktop that nothing's gonna happen when I reboot this machine after adding this adapter. And I do know that a clean installation would automatically find and configure any network adapters.

So my question is: How can I re-start this cool configuration utility that served me so well when installing Debian?

Do you know what I mean? It found any network adapters and asked some questions, did some magic and then everything was fine.

Or, can you tell me how to install a driver that is part of the kernel? IIRC, modprobe enables that device but only until I have to reboot.

Thanks :)

Adam Howard

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What type of network adapter is it?

You said you have this running on a Intel Atom PC and that you need to add a second Lan adapter into your NAS. But you've left out what type of adapter you're using .... ie... What is you lan card?


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Well, the Atom PC *is* the NAS. It's a Debian Linux with a Samba share and we call it our NAS.

The network adapter is or will be (I have it here but it's not yet plugged into the PC) DGE-528T by D-Link. Google told me that Kernel 2.6.8 did not yet have a driver but 2.6.12+ does, so I'm fine with Squeeze's 2.6.32. However, I don't know how to install it.


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Well that was really easy. Plugged in the second NIC, booted up Debian and the magic happend automatically. Both NICs available to the system. Just had to edit /etc/network/interfaces and I was good to go. Linux is awesome :D