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Installing a sample mega menu in xf navbar


Active member

I am looking for someone who can install one given mega menu sample in default xf styles nqvbar.

Payment will be done by paypal after a demo.

Please pm me for details.



XenForo Developer
Staff member
You can put any HTML and CSS you like inside a XenForo popup menu:
<div class="Popup">
	<a rel="Menu">Click me</a>

	<div class="Menu">
		<!-- any (well-formed) HTML you can think of -->


Hm, IMO you could create a "normal" menu with an table.
Check for example the visitor popup menu.
I'm planing to do this for my page

edit: ok kier was faster^^


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While this is not difficult to do, I would discourage you from putting quite so much content into a single menu. It seems like a poor design decision when you could just as easily provide it in a page or a pop-up. That said, Kier's code should have you covered, and you can further customize it once you have it in place. Best of luck.