XF 1.2 Installed new style but members see old style

I recently upgraded to XF 1.2.2 and installed a new style in our forums (Xenfocus). I set this style as default and it's working fine if you are a guest. But once I logged in, the style is switched back to my old style Flexile. I tried to uncheck the Default and Flexile under Appearance > Style but same result.


Style seen by guests

Style seen by members

Any suggestions? Our site is http://community.dipolog.com/
You're right. I tried logging in as member. It's showing Xenfocus. But if I log in as admin, I see the old style. It seems the problem is with the admin account... weird...

Steve F

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It is not a problem really, admin accounts can see all styles whether they are active or not. You need to simply switch to the new style either in your "Preferences" or from the Style Chooser link in the footer. ;)
This is what really happens,
1st: I log in as Admin, I click the view located at right side page in AC Panel and I saw the Flexile Style shows, (NOTE: its in new tab page)
2nd: I log out that page view "Flexile Style" then when Im logout the Xenfocus Style is showing
3rd: I log in again as a regular Member, when Im log in as a regular Member the Xenfocus is showing

Note: The default style is Xenfocus
How is this happen? I don't have any idea why,


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Maybe try a browser cache clear? I have delays in my changes due to APC, an Apache restart usually takes care of this.


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Interesting. I thought that a style choice from the style picker would override/reset that.
Glad you got it sorted