XF 1.3 Installation from testsite files


Well after over 6 months of testing and messing around I am finally installing XF later this month.

To try and keep downtime to a minimum I am planning on doing in the following way:

  • Installation on testsite, including addons, theme, settings etc. During this installation, all options will be set to the testsite.
  • Once everything has been installed (that I've checked can be done without the imported info from my existing) site, I will then edit the settings to reflect what it will be when they transfer over to live.
  • For implementation I will backup the old directory and database locally on the VPS (as well as externally) for quick rollback if necessary before removing.
  • My my plan is to then copy across the files and database from the testsite to the live site, and update any settings as necessary.
  • Finally, carry out an import from the local backup files / database
My question is, does this all sounds feasible, and are what settings will I need to be aware of to change? As far as I can see, it is the general settings, email, and the database settings in config.php?

Is there anything else?

Many thanks