XF 1.2 Installation directory?


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There shouldn't be any problem at all but you would need to keep your old directory in place. In your case, you would need to upload the redirect scripts to your /forums directory, and then configure the scripts with the new path to your XenForo installation.
OK thanks.. Still thinking about this. If I decide to install XF at my sites root folder will that still work? vB is installed in "forums" so I'd then have a "forums" directory in my XF root directory with the redirection scripts. I notice that some of the URLs in XF contain "forums" even though that folder doesn't exist in the filesystem. Would I have to mess with the Index Page Route?
Sorry one last point of clarification...
So if my current vB installation is in a directory called "forums" under my sites root folder (I'm assuming that is where the redirection scripts need to go) then I must change the Route Filter to something other than "forums", is that correct?