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XF 1.5 Install/Import Question

I am working on another new installation (2nd forum conversion for me) and I purchased (again) and installed XF.

I created the master admin as part of the installation. After getting the options set I began the process of importing from vBulletin 4 (same thing I did on my other forum).

I selected the option to preserve content IDs (or whatever that one is) and imported everything.

The following may sound strange but this is what happened: When I tried to log into the new forum (front end), it said that no such user existed. I went back to the control panel in the other browser tab to discover that I was logged in as one of my other admins. Crazy!

I am not sure what happened but the only thing I can think is that he was user #1 on the VB forum and the new profile I created on XF was #1 and they were merged? I don't know what I am talking about, of course, but I am trying to make sense of it.

In any event, I deleted everything an am starting over. Should I preserve those IDs on the new import or what? This will be an import of VB4 and the albums from VB4 into the XF Media Gallery.



XenForo moderator
Staff member
It's up to you - some people like to preserve the IDs as it can help with redirects.
Other than that though, there's no specific reason either way.
You definitely can't do it when importing into a site with existing content though.