Inserting from media gallery - view as thumbnails?


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Hi folks,

I have been encouraging people to use galleries instead of just uploading images to posts. A complaint I am getting now is that inserting that way round does not show the thumbnail but rather something like

[GALLERY=media, 106]IMG_20150913_113358 by Crispin posted May 15, 2016 at 10:27 PM[/GALLERY]

This is almost pointless in a large post where they have 20-30 images and loads of text. They are losign track of what pics have been inserted and which have not.

The old fashioned way of dragging and dropping is brilliant and works well save for it being in an album.

Is there another way we can do this? Be it an add-on, some lever I have not pulled or other? Paid or otherwise - don't mind.


Tracy Perry

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Two things
#1 - Help is not generally provided in the public topic areas
#2 - You will be more likely to get a assistive reply in the appropriate area - either here (general XenForo support) or here (for XMG support directly)


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Oops - I thought I had posted this in the support section. Mods - could you move it please?

I wondered about the XFMG section but the topic is a bit ambiguous - is it the editor not being able to display the attachment or is it XFMG not being able to talk to the editor in a way that shows the image?