XF 1.3 "Insert Quotes."

Is there any way to disable this for multi-quoting and just have the quotes show up? This extra step seems really unnecessary and I'm not even sure why it's implemented. Obviously if you're wanting to quote multiple people, you don't need to double-confirm to yourself to insert the posts you've quote, you were wanting them quoted to begin with.


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You should just click on the 'Reply' link next to each message for the quoted message to be added to the Quick Reply area.

You can choose to disable the Multi-Quote feature entirely. The Multi-Quote feature allows you to re-order any selected messages, as well as include messages from other discussions.
If you click the "Reply" link, it pulls you down to the bottom immediately, forcing you to go back and forth repeatedly if you want to reply to multiple posts at one time. That's not really a solution.

I've never seen any other forum software work in this way when it comes to multiple quotes.

So, is it pretty much a "just deal with it" situation with no real workaround?


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The overlay facilitates reordering of quotes as well as removing quotes if you change your mind.

There is no functionality to remove this overlay, you would need an add-on. I know vBulletin worked in a similar method or "insert quotes".
Didn't vB just have you click "multi-quote" on the posts you wanted and then you hit "Add Reply" or "Post Reply" and it would bring you to the standard reply screen with all of the quote already inserted?

Clicking "Insert Quotes" just seems like an unneeded step to the process, but it sounds like it's not really an option to remove it without losing the functionality entirely. Kind of disappointing.