Fixed Insert Quote removes other text inside posting


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I didn't use/join XF overhere for more then a year, but since I am installing now my first ever XF forum, I come across some things that might be worth reporting. Like this one:

XF quote issue.PNG

(The text from '-A user signs up... confirmed. )))' is copy/pasted from a support ticket.)

I am selecting the text in grey exactly like shown and then apply insert Quote. Then, unexpectedly the whole text between the ((( Suggestion: .... confirmed. ))) -or the rest of the posting for that matter- is erased.

It doesn't happen however when I select the text like this:

XF quote issue 2.PNG

(Without including the white spaces)

Selecting it like that, it put the quotes brackets correctly around the selected text, without erasing the rest of the posting.

I use Chrome 34.0.1847.116 m on Windows 7.


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I think I ran into this in a slightly different way, so I've rolled out a change here for it. Please let me know if you see this again.


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Good afternoon Mike (well... it is overhere in The Netherlands ;)),

I've just tested this by re-applying the steps in the first message above and... the issue has been fixed indeed. It is now possible to select the block including the whitespaces and XF places the quote tags around it without any problems. Thanks (y).