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I am not sure if you mean this, but:

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When it comes to quoting: what I personally do most when creating or editing threads is quoting posts from my members, staff members and myself that have been posted in several different threads in even different forums. In this particular way:

- I start to write a reply in the Quick Reply area (in browser tab 1),
- I open a new browser tab (2) to find the text in other threads that I want to quote and I select them with Multiquote [+ Quote],
- I go back to browser tab 1 to the Quick Reply area where I want to insert the quoted posts.

Not possible apparently, since the [Insert Quotes...] button does not show up in browser tab 1.

So, multi-quoting stuff from different pages/threads also does not seem possible in this way at least (assumption, since I did not use/test it enough yet)? If you selected quotes from postings that are not on the same page (which happens the most in my case), the [Insert Quotes...] button only appears below the Quick Reply area when you press [F5], in other words when you refresh the page that you are on.
Amazingly, XF saved a draft copy for you, so you will not loose much if you press [F5], but still it would be handy if this button appears by itself the moment you quoted posts from other pages/threads). < Off-topic)

But indeed, as you say, when editing a posting, the [Insert Quotes...] button does not show up also, it only shows up -conveniently below the Quick Reply area- actually when you pressed the [+Quote] link on postings that are on the same page as the QR box that is currently showing in the active browser tab.

Granted, I believe most of the time we use quotes when we construct a posting, and not so much when editing it later on. So I don't really miss it, but understand your point, so <liked>.

The thing I personally miss the most is quoting parts of postings (instead of the whole one and then being forced to edit it all later) and the ability to conveniently select posts from different pages/threads in the way described above.
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