Insert/edit Image just refreshes, doesn't add code to box

Running XenForo 1.1.2

Not sure when this happened. But now when you click Insert/edit Image, put in a valid URL, and then click Insert you will see it upload and process. Then it refreshes and just shows the Insert/edit Image popup again. No code is inserted into the editor. No errors show up in the server error log.

You can still manually put the IMG tag in the editor and that works. It's just not working with Insert/edit Image.
Nope, actually it works right away like it should.

I just checked embedding media on my site and it does the same thing when I paste in a YouTube URL. It just refreshes the pop up to show a new blank pop up.

I haven't edited any templates and I only have 2 add-ons installed.

XenForo Enhanced Search 1.0.0
[8wayRun.Com] XenUtiles (Tools) 1.1.5
Thanks. I forgot about the file health check. I ran it and there were 50 errors of "File not found" or "File does not contain expected contents." All of them in the /js/ folder.