Inputs for "implemented" and "closed prefixes" can be broken if user perform too early interaction


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Affected version
Steps to reproduce:
  1. Open ACP.
  2. Go to "Nodes", open page for adding forum with "Suggestions" type (/admin.php?forums/add&parent_node_id=0&forum_type_id=suggestion).
  3. Interact with "Implemented prefixes" or "Closed prefixes" input.
  4. Enable required prefixes below for node.
  5. Try interact again with input.
Expected result: input should suggest freshly enabled prefixes without any issues.
Real result: "No results found" without any text entering.

View attachment KKbdWotXyn.mp4

Looks like input caches available prefixes when user performs first interaction. And this "early interaction" can be a common error, because this inputs located on form before "prefix list", what can cause this "incorrect user experience".
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