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Innovate Dark

Innovate Dark [Paid]

No permission to buy ($30.00)


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There is no problem in the payment system. Paypal works fine. Before and after your purchase attempt, it seems that the sales process is smooth. It may be related to your card or payment unit. It may come that he can't use the card on Paypal, perhaps because of some inherent restriction in the card.

Also, I do not think this problem may be related to your browser, but you can try again with another browser.
From the site XenForo all purchases are carried out without problems, once again tried and with palpey and master card payment does not pass. It is very unfortunate that the style of Innovate Light really liked.


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Hi, do you offer discount on the light version of the dark is purchased please?
Unfortunately, there is no discount for new customers. :( However, we are making some discounts for our old customers.
Unfortunately that's killed a purchase right there :(
Am looking out for an Xf2 theme which allows both a light and dark background for our members once they have switched across, however whilst i love the theme, I'm not purchasing it twice just because of the different colours on the same theme :(


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Osman updated Innovate Dark with a new update entry:


Upgrading instructions:

First, and foremost, make a backup of your theme. A backup of your site as a whole is never a bad idea either especially if you are going to production board

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to post in the thread!

Thanks for using Innovate!

With XenForo version 2.0.2, the following updates have been made.

  • A small plugin was developed for all the themes.

  • All theme templates have been reverted to the minimum...
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