InnoDB or MyIsam?

Anthony Parsons

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When I changed over the XF, it was right from beta... importing from VB. The majority of tables when created where myisam, where now when XF is fresh installed, they're innodb.

I am wondering how much difference there is, because it seems my host is telling me that my database is often getting stuck on an insert or read, which is creating a lot of my load issues.

Is it this older DB structure that could be the issue? Can existing tables be changed to innodb with a live site?

Jake Bunce

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InnoDB is more scalable. MyISAM can become increasingly slow on large forums (~1 million posts).

Posts by Kier:

Can existing tables be changed to innodb with a live site?
Good question. I'm gonna ask the others to see if there are any special considerations here.

Anthony Parsons

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Innodb is enabled on my server and it is functional, though being one who converted right from beta, I have a funny feeling XF changed to innodb along the way, after I had imported vb4.x into xf beta, hence a majority of my tables are myisam... though newer tables that xf have added during releases, some are InnoDB, at a rough guess being the point XF changed to that structure the majority of tables.