Inline Moderation


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I loved the inline moderation of VB
being able to edit thread titles and such with out page loads was great
anyway that functionality can be implemented in xF?
THANKS AGAIN.. I asked the same question - and the forum sent me back to my last post.

It just took me quite a while to figure out that I had mistakenly 'hidden' my access to the INLINE EDITING
in a USER-LEVEL PERMISSION RECORD. Which I had deleted after you indicated that I did NOT NEED a separate USER-level permission record if the permission existed in a GROUP-level-PERMISSION record or a NODE-level PERMISSION record.

I still was somewhat confused with the various possible PERMISSIONS.

Anyway, again, your helpful hint with did answer my original question about being able to edit threads... did FINALLY SINK IN.
and my problem which mysteriously returned was SOLVED. :)
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