Inline moderation deadlock situation


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Affected version
2.2.7 PL 1
Two Moderators A and B; Moderator A has permission to Close threads in all forums except for one forum (X) where he does not have any thread-related moderator permission - Moderator B has permission to Move threads in all forums.

Moderator A selects threads from multiple forums which does take some time as it requires navigating from page to page
While he is doing that, Moderator B moves one of the threads selected by Moderator A to forum X.
Moderator A continues to select threads until all threads that require closing are selected.

When moderator A activates the inline moderation action menu at this point, the only available action is to deselect all selected threads.
This does happen as the logic hides all actions that cannot be performed for one of the selected threads.

So the only option to get out of this situation is to deselect all selected threads and start over.
This is not only counter-intuitive, it also trashes all efforts that went into selecting the threads.

It might therfore be better to only hide options that cannot be performed for any of the selected items istead of hiding actions that cannot be performed for all items.
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