Fixed  Inline Moderation Boxes for Own Posts (Non-Mod)


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Is this a newly intended feature, or a mistake? It seem on the XF website I can select my own posts using inline mod controls and select the mod action of delete. I can't select other posts, only my own, and the only permission I have is delete. So, doesn't seem like a security issue, but it seems odd.


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Just noticed it today so it could be an unfinished Thanksgiving project :) it does intrigue me in a strange fashion but I'll stay tuned to see exactly what it is.

Digital Doctor

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I noticed that if you have more than one post in a thread, you could select more than one post.
I think people could use it to "Mass Delete" all their posts in a thread.
This could be disruptive to many threads.

The up down arrows are to move between selected items. I thought they might have been to move the post up or down ! (which it wasn't).
If it isn't hard, the up / down arrows should only appear when MORE than 1 post is selected.