XF 1.3 Inherit permissions

Neil E.

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Example: general category with several nodes in the category

If there are permissions set for the category do the nodes automatically inherit the catergory permissions (during node creation or during category permissions update)?
If not, is there a way to copy the category permissions to the nodes (force an inherit)?


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Example 1 (Category)
  • Example 2 (Forum)
  • Example 3 (Forum)

If the ability to reply to threads is revoked to Registered for Example 1, it will also be revoked for Example 2 and Example 3.


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Inheriting permissions is the default unless explicitly overridden. You can go into the node permissions and click on any group any everything should be set to "inherit".

Neil E.

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Perfect, I hadn't gone into a specific group to see the column of inherit buttons. I was expecting a single button outside of the group. Having the ability to select/not select inherit for every single node permission is extremely flexible.