XF 1.4 Infractions vs Warnings (import from vB)


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I'm finally about to migrate our largest vBulletin v3.8.x board over to XenForo, but I have a question about how people are structuring their XenForo warnings after migrating from the vBulletin model.

We currently have a large number of different types of vBulletin infractions defined - and most have the option to make them into a vBulletin warning (no infraction points accrued).

My current pattern is to give a "warning" infraction (0 points) for first time offenders where I want to educate them about the rules, or for offences which aren't strictly breaking the rules, but are very close and I want to educate the user that if they continue with that type of behaviour, they will receive full infractions and potentially get banned.

I then have the automatic ban system in vBulletin set up such that most serious infractions will see a user banned on their 3rd full infraction ... basically, a "three strikes and you're out" system.

Given that XenForo doesn't have the concept of being able to "warn" a warning - how have people managed the transition from vBulletin to XenForo around dealing with vB infractions vs XenForo warnings?

I will note that I won't be allowing warnings to be defined or modified by the moderators at the time they are given - everything will be defined in advance.
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